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Created at: Managing Editor Inc

TruEdit enables teams to work together on projects and track the status of their tasks anytime, anywhere via its web client or Adobe InDesign plug-in, keeping everyone on task and moving forward. TruEdit is the cloud-based software for teams to structure the production and management of projects for multiple channels, including print, web, tablet and mobile.

TruEdit seamlessly connects all of your team's contributors throughout the production process. Two-way integration with the most widely-used tools lets designers create layouts in InDesign while writers develop copy in Microsoft Word.

Technologies used: Backbone, Marionette, SASS, Agile, QUnit


Created at: Managing Editor Inc

MEI Portico is your solution for building a branded storefront experience for apps built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. With Portico, you can present content based on login and manage app assets online anytime, anywhere.

Technologies used: Backbone, Marionette, SASS, Agile, QUnit

Pizza calculator

A simple web application that calculates how many pizza are needed to feed a group of people.

Technologies used: Javascript

View Streams!

Finally, a stream browsing extension that you have the power to control.

A stream browsing extension that allows you to quickly find an enjoyable stream for any game. This stream browser brings you new level of control and customizability. Search for your favorite games to show or just browse popular games. Change skins or create your own.

Regardless of if you're watching League of Legends, Dota 2, Rocket League, or any other game -- We've got you covered.

Technologies used: Backbone, Chrome extension

Athena Controls: E-commerce Website

Created at: Schubert b2b

Technologies used: Joomla, E-commerce, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, Responsive Design, Widgetkit

GSE: Performance Increase

Created at: Schubert b2b

GSE's website was created by a UK web firm. The developers at the firm produced a decent looking website with no regards to performance. This site was extremely slow and taking 9-10 seconds to load on a fast FIOS connection.

Using some advanced performance techniques, I was able to decrease the page load time to around 2-4 seconds. Not quite as quick as a website that I would develop, but without being able to recreate the website, I'd say it was a pretty successful performance increase.

Technologies used: Joomla, Performance, Cacheing, Gzip, Compression, Optimization

TheSwap2Shop: Website Fixes

Demetrise got in touch with me after her previous developer left her project in the early stages of development. She had an idea and the start of a website, but no functionality except for user management was completed.

I created the swapping functionality that exists on the website now. Built using PHP and integrated into her Joomla install and customer management portal, I was able to recreate the functionality that she needed to bring her idea to life.

Technologies used: PHP, Joomla, Bug Fixes, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery

Nilfisk: Joomla Upgrade

Created at: Schubert b2b
Technologies used: Joomla, CSS, HTML, Javascript

MEI: Tech Support portal

Created at: Schubert b2b

MEI was looking for a secure portal to handle their software and product downloads. The website needed to have advanced access filtering capabilities, customer management, product management, file version control, update notifications, service center locator, and everything needs to be secure.

We decided to begin building the website into Joomla and created a custom component to handle the file management and customer access levels. The user management is integrated into Joomla through the custom component we created.

Technologies used: SSL, Joomla, PHP, jQuery, PageAlert, CSS3, HTML, Portal, Drag and Drop, Responsive, Component

Page Alert: jQuery Plugin

I was inspired by the alert style that was being used at /r/leagueoflegends.

I created a dynamic alert system that uses jQuery to deliver a visually pleasing "alert" to the page where the function is called on. In addition to jQuery, this plugin also comes equipped with Font Awesome.

You can snag this plugin over on github!

Technologies used: jQuery, CSS, Plugin

GFPF: Microsite

Created at: Schubert b2b

GFPF wanted a website to help promoted their cause: To advocate for sensible reductions in the use of high global-warming fluorocarbons, especially in emissive applications. To preserve choice for consumers and manufacturers, and to enable a practical timeline for adoption of replacement technology.

The website isn't currently live, but you can see a preview by using the link below:
Technologies used: Joomla, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, HTML

B3WD: Blog

I created a blog for myself over my winter break. I originally thought it would be a great idea to easily track what I'm doing. After creating it I remembered how tedious writing good content can be.

The website is built with Joomla 3 and using a template with small amount of customization.

Technologies used: Joomla, Blog, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery

TouchPoint Investments: Microsite

Created at: Schubert b2b

TPI were looking for a microsite that better explained who they are and their cause.

The website isn't currently live, but you can see a preview here:

Technologies used: Wordpress, CSS3, HTML, Javascript

HYDAC: Website Redesign

Created at: Schubert b2b

HYDAC USA's website wasn't accomplishing what they knew it could. Working with Schubert b2b, we've created a beautiful responsive website that is much easier to use.

In order to allow HYDAC to maintain the website, we've integrated it into Microsoft Sharepoint in order to manage content on the website and integrate it into their existing systems.

At the time of writing this, the site is not live. We are still waiting on the final stages of approval to push the website live. You can see an early iterative preview here:

Technologies used: Sharepoint, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design

MEI: Gaming & Retail Websites

Created at: Schubert b2b

MEI tasked Schubert b2b with redesigning their website. The old site didn't fulfill the functionality it needed to and was difficult for a new user to get accustomed to.

We integrated their website into Joomla and set up an easy to use and memorable website to help combat the issues their old website had.

Technologies used: Joomla, CSS, HTML, Javascript

Scramble: An Android Game

Scramble is a game that started as a project for one of my classes. In the game, you are given a jumbled up word and tasked with unscrambling it. Depending on how quickly you are able to accomplish this, you are given a different number of points. After a set time, you will be given a hint if you cannot unscramble the word.

There are currently three different difficulty levels that offer a challenge to all skill levels.

Scramble is free on the Android Marketplace, check it out!

Technologies used: Android, Mobile, App, Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML, Phonegap

Paige Anderson: Blog

Paige was looking for a separate platform in order to begin blogging. I set up a Wordpress website for her.

Technologies used: Wordpress, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Blog, Customizr

Chivvi Styles: Homepage Redesign

Jeanette wanted a fresh look to her homepage. She got in touch with me and mentioned the idea she had for her homepage.

Working with Jeanette, I was able to create the homepage experience she was looking for.

Technologies used: Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, CMS

Paige Anderson: Mobile Website

Paige is a Makeup and Hair artist based in Dallas Texas. She previously hired a developer to create her website. The website was created using Joomla, and didn't transition into mobile well.

Working with page, I was able to create a mobile experience that works well across screen sizes.

Technologies used: Joomla, Mobile, Responsive, jQuery, PHP, CSS, HTML

Brooks Instrument: CMS Upgrade

Created at: Schubert b2b

The Brooks Instrument website was built on Joomla 1.5 several years ago by the Schubert b2b team at the time.

After the site was hacked, the team at Schubert b2b decided that the website needed an upgrade. I was assigned the task of converting the website to Joomla 3.0 which involved rethemeing, component conversion, and lots of Q/A.

Technologies used: Joomla, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Widgetkit, Quality Assurance

League Streams: Skin Portal

After creating the browsing extension, League Streams, I wanted to provide a portal to allow users to customize their extension. The website allows users to create their own skin and import it into their extension using a custom built API that interacts directly with your extension.

In addition to allowing the creation of custom skins, you are also able to use skins other people have made and see popular skins. The portal also offers a forum to post bugs or suggestions.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, API, Forums

League Streams: Stream Browser

League Streams is a quick and detailed stream browser that allows you to easily access streams right from your browser.

You are given control of this extension to customize to suite your viewing experience.

Skin it, Customize it, love it.

Technologies used: Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML, Chrome Extension, API, JSON,,

Gerald W Harris II's Portfolio Website

Gerald W Harris was in need of an online presence and a place to feature his artwork.

Working closely with Gerald, I was able to help bring his idea for this portfolio website to life.

Technologies used: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML